I get asked ‘What is the best bed?’ ….quite a lot.

This is very subjective and depends on lots of factors such as your physicality, are you sharing it with a partner? are you a hot sleeper ? do you like a firm or softer mattress ? If you really need a king size but can not fit it in your room then a smaller bed will be a comprise you have to make, and no matter how amazing it is, if you are someone who needs space to sleep you will not sleep as well on a double bed even if its only initially.  The list goes on.

I dislike memory foam mattresses not because it isn’t comfortable because there is a firmness grade to suit most people but because I get sooo hot in it. On holiday with the air conditioning set to arctic I sleep pretty well but at in the UK when I have slept on it I’m hot and bothered through the night.

  • Does your partner moving about or fidgeting disturb you ?
  • Do you like different firmness mattresses?

The better option is two individual mattresses linked by Velcro to reduce the movement transferred to you while you sleep. This costs more but enables you to ‘share a bed’ still.

The height of the bed is important especially if your mobility is reduced or you are very short. A lower height bed makes it easier for the less mobile and vertically challenged to get in and out of bed. You do not have to have a thin mattress the base can be made lower so your choice of mattress is not restricted at all.

If choosing between Pocket sprung or open coil – pocket is better but you do not need to have 4000000 springs! Around 1400 pocket springs suits the vast majority of people and although you can have more they often make the very high spring count mattresses by using micro springs which become part of the topping rather than the support structure.

Natural fillings have lots of useful properties such as being comfortable, resilient and helping in  thermo-regulating body temperatures. They are my favourite choice for the topping of a mattress. They include:

  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Cashmere
  • Horse hair
  • Coconut Coir
  • Cotton

The best mattress in the world ?

Spend what you can afford – in beds small increases in price get you more for your money. You do get more and better quality fillings and springs the more you pay BUT.  Yes there is a ceiling price when it becomes about the label and exclusivity but these types of mattresses and beds usually involve interior designers, and run into tens of thousands. We don’t stock expensive beds for the sake of a high price tag.

At Bones on Beds we offer a range which goes up to the best mattress we have found the Emerald Supreme by Old English.  We feel it offers value for all the natural products, hand side stitching and beautiful material covering. It doesn’t have unnecessary random fillings like snake oil or dust from a dragon which bump the price tag up and wont actually give you a ‘better mattress’.