A layer of visco-elastic memory foam attached to a deep layer of reflex foam. Just like Sprung mattress’s there is a choice of support or Feel. We offer medium to firm support and stock 4 different memory foam mattresses’ in store for you to try. The foam density and thickness alters how much it compresses under your weight. These are instantly comfortable mattress and conform to the weight and warmth of your body to offer pressure relief and personalised support.

Be warned it is the warmest type of mattress to sleep on which some people find uncomfortable especially in the summer. We try to assist this issue by supplying all of our memory foam mattress’s with a Coolmax cover which is designed to reduce overheating.

Size £ From £ To
2’6″ / 3′ 0″ 229.95 599.95
3′ 6″ / 4′ 0″ / 4’6″ 349.95 899.95
5′ 0″ 419.95 1,100.00
6′ 0″ 499.95 1,250.00